Press Start to Continue DLC, 4/10/17

Pre-recorded tonight, but LIVE SHOW next week for the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY!! It would be great if any of you could record yourself saying “This is  ___ and you’re listening to press start to continue!” or whatever, do what you’d like. But if you do, send it to [email protected] Thanks!!

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • Retrohead Five (OC ReMix) by Mazedude (Retro City Rampage)
  • Knux Jacked Swing by José the Bronx Rican – & Knuckles (OC ReMix)
  • The Climb Above (OC ReMix) by Sentient Pulse (Pokémon Red Version)
  • Sexxy Thai Guy (OC ReMix) by Mustin (Street Fighter II)
  • Kirb Your Enthusiasm (Mallow Castle) by Brandon Strader, halc – Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute (OC ReMix)
  • A Simple Flip Can Change Fate (OC ReMix) by Level 99 (Final Fantasy 6)
  • Determination by David Peacock, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales – UNDERTALE Piano Collections
  • True Calling (Unplugged) (OC ReMix) by Diodes, J Psycle (Shin Megami Tensei:) Persona 3 FES
  • Schizophrenic [Collision Chaos JP] by Kruai – Sonic CD: Temporal Duality (OC ReMix)
  • Tricky Labyrinth (Welcome to Booster Tower) by DjjD feat. Jehm Faulking – Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars
  • Storm Eagle [Megaman X] by Super MadNES – Blasters & Daggers
  • Magical Paperweights by Hylian Lemon – Essence of Lime
  • Transformation (OC ReMix) by ocean (Wizball)
  • Eternal Tears (OC ReMix) by Dj Mystix (Revenge of Shinobi)
  • Ikimashou (Let’s Go!) by GameBreax – GameBreakers Vol 2
  • Fire Fist Ace (One Piece) by Ish1da – Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3
  • Locust by Nonsenze AKA Dork Genius – GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Zombies
  • Handouts (feat. cecilnick of Autocorrect) by Mikal kHill – Human Disaster
  • Throwback by Kabuto The Python – Noncents Vol. 5
  • Shinigami EyeDeal Feat. DannyFantom (Prod. by KevDiggs) by Shane Hall – Going Ghost
  • Tigerstyle [feat. Prophecy Tha JiN] by Vince Vandal – Friends & Fandoms: Volume 1
  • Indier Than Thou by MC Frontalot – Nerdcore Hiphop
  • Whitesican by Beefy – The Whitesican EP
  • Running (ft. Remington Forbes, Blueprint) by Dual Core – All The Things
  • Unread Emails by MrLegitimacy – Legit Damacy
  • 100 Percent (feat. Latasha Alcindor aka L.A.) by Sammus – Pieces in Space
  • 306 by Mega Ran – Heroes, Volume One (Special Edition)
  • Too Short by KadeshFlow

Featured Artists:

Kadesh Flow –
Gamebreax –
Nonsenze AKA Dork Genius –
Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously –
Mega Ran –
Mikal kHill –
Materia Collective –
Dual Core –
Sammus –
Kabuto the Python –
Beefy –
Vincevandal –
MrLegitimacy –
Ish1da –
MC Frontalot –
Shane Hall –
Mikal kHill –
Super madNES –

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