PStC Halloween Special: Lavender Screams!

There are so many great remixes of the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon Red/Blue that I had to make a special compilation of some favorites! Happy Halloween!!!

The playlist is marked as follows:

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Press Start to Continue Expansion Pack: Master Ball (10/14/13)

An awesome night of pokemon themed music in celebration of Pokemon X/Y’s release on Oct 12th. All tracks can be found on Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks from Overclocked ReMix unless marked otherwise.

  • Game On (~Opening~ Demo) by Fishy
  • The Mighty Mighty Pokémon (~Opening~ Demo 2) by Level 99
  • Shades of Red (Theme of Pallet Town) by halc
  • Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) by Cerrax
  • Hope to See You Again Soon… (Pokémon Center) by ProtoDome, Level 99
  • Battle for the Badge [Battle (VS Gym Leader)] by Fishy
  • On the Origin of Species (Evolution) by ProtoDome
  • Ember ~Flareon~ (Theme of Lavender Town) by Brandon Strader (From: Pokémon: The Eevee EP)
  • Slowpoke Shuffle (Azalea Town) by WillRock
  • Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is… [Hearthome City (Day)] by ProtoDome
  • Journey’s End (Ending) by pu_freak
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