Press Start Interviews

Uncut and uncensored interviews from past shows. Click dates for the full episode!
Times when senpai noticed me
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GR3YS0N (Ep 260)

Z3RØ5um (Ep 231)

Kent Ward of Ongaku Overdrive (8/12/19)

Mustin (From 7/8/19)

RoboRob (From 6/24/19)

Lex the Lexicon Artist (From 3/18/19)

Kadesh Flow (From 2/25/19)

AOLyrical (From 2/18/19)

Vadell Gabriel (From 2/11/19)

EyeQ (From 2/04/19)

William Reyes and Jayson Napolitano (from 10/8/18)

KeyJay (From 9/24/18)

The Hit Points (From 9/3/18)

Bill Beats and Shubzilla (From 5/14/18)

NyteXing (Formerly Mavrick da Roninn) (From 3/05/18)

Gamebreax (From 2/26/18)

Creative Mind Frame (From 2/12/18)

Schematist (aka Cal Warner) (From 11/13/17)

Maverick da Roninn (From 10/2/17)

Kate Remington, Host of Music Respawn on WSHU (From 6/5/17)

Tommy Tallarico, Creator of Video Games Live (From 5/8/17)
This interview includes excerpts from Video Games Live: Level 5 and The Magic Flute

Twill Distilled and LadyJ (From 3/27/17)

MC Frontalot (From 2/13/17)

JJ O’Connell (From 9/19/16)

Adam WarRock (From 8/19/13)