Press Start to Continue DLC – Ep 231

This ep I got to talk to Z3RØ5um about her new album Toxic Bloom, which came out last December! We also have a great Nerdcore Radio megamix from Omega Sparx!

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The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

Hour 1
  • Mind Flip~ (OC ReMix) by timaeus222 (Mega Man X4)
  • Machine Wash (OC ReMix) by Michael Hudak (Zelda: Majora’s Mask)
  • Anti-Annihilation Matrix (OC ReMix) by RebeccaETripp (Chrono Cross)
  • Our Home (OC ReMix) by Juke (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  • Needing by Z3RØ5um – Toxic Bloom
  • Deliverance by Z3RØ5um – Toxic Bloom
  • Reflections (Kitty’s Song) by Z3RØ5um – Toxic Bloom
Hour 2
  • Gamer 4 Life by Mark Cooper – I Am Player One
  • In the Suburbs by dzk
  • I Do What I Want by Tonezee – Not Famous
  • Best Get Up by Deafinition and MC_Loki – Noncents Vol. 12
  • Twice Threatened by MC Diabeats – Scrub Club Presents: Versus mode
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons (Ft. Hero) by FrivolousShara – Feel Good Vibes [EP]
  • There! Are! Four! Lights! (featuring Adam Selene) by rap legend Jesse Dangerously – There! Are! Four! Lights!
  • Treat it Like a Game by Kadesh Flow – Gateways

Nerdcore Radio Mix from Gamebreax!

Featured Artists:

Z3RØ5um –

Diabeats –

Kadesh Flow –

Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously –

FrivolousShara –

Deafinition –


Mark Cooper –

Tonezee –

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