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The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • Signs of Lust (OC ReMix) by Ivan Hakštok (Gunbird 2)
  • The Prophecy of Alhazard (OC ReMix) by Dr. Manhattan, Scaredsim (Langrisser II)
  • Helljam (OC ReMix) by Redg (DooM)
  • Guitar for Zanarkand (OC ReMix) by Lazerwolph (Final Fantasy 10)
  • Stranger in the Desert (OC ReMix) by DarkeSword (Mega Man Zero 2)
  • Fleaman’s Groove (OC ReMix) by Nostalvania (Castlevania)
  • M-COR Rising (OC ReMix) by DusK (Titanfall)
  • The Narshemellow (OC ReMix) by XPRTNovice (Final Fantasy 6)
  • May Fortune Smile Upon You (OC ReMix) by Vig (Metal Gear Solid 2)
  • The Fallout of Eli (OC ReMix) by Brynner Agassi, Mazedude (Fallout 3)
  • The Sky Will Be Your Limit (OC ReMix) by TheGuitahHeroe (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team)
  • Beyond Comprehension (OC ReMix) by McNoods (Secret of Mana)
  • Turtle Wave (OC ReMix) by Mazedude (TMNT 3: The Manhatten Project)
  • In Your Prime (OC ReMix) by Big Giant Circles Super (Metroid)
  • A Stormy Affair (OC ReMix) by anterroir, Chimpazilla (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • All That Remains by ladyWildfire, The Eluryahn – Lime of the Season (OC ReMix)
  • Nerdcore Died?!? *F-Zero* by Mega Ran & K-MurdockForever Famicom DLC
  • Liquid Metal (OC ReMix) by Brandon Strader, Rexy (Mega Man 6)
  • Shoto Spirits (OC ReMix) by Brothersynthe, The Duke, Trenthian (Street Fighter II)
  • Hydrocity (ft. M. Ciddy) by Mister WilsonSonic FreEP 2
  • Property of the Crimson Corporation (OC ReMix) by Mark Vera (Star Control II)
  • Freebird – NES by Brad Smith – Youtube
  • Late Gamer by 8-Bit Boys8-Bit Diagrams
  • Brazzy Road (OC ReMix) by Anthony Lofton, Joshua Morse (Ragnarök Online)
  • The Fist of Khonshu by Adam WarRockAll -New Marvel NOW! Mixtape

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Artists featured tonight:
Brad Smith –
MegaRan and K-Murdock –
Adam Warrock –
Mr. Wilson –

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