Press Start to Continue DLC – Ep. 263

The playlist is marked as follows:

Title by ArtistAlbum (Game)

Hour 1

  • Domain of Darkness (Mysterious Forest) by DDRKirby(ISQ) – Songs of the Sirens: Link’s Awakening ReMixed (OC ReMix)
  • Inverting the Tower Temple (OC ReMix) by GSlicer (Zelda: Majora’s Mask)
  • Sailing on Lava (OC ReMix) by Sir_NutS (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Gotta Go Fast by The Runaway – Four The Fast
  • Wallachian Prince (OC ReMix) by OA (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Do You Remember? (OC ReMix) by Jorito, JoyDreamer, Lauren the Flute, Trev Wignall, XPRTNovice (Suikoden II)
  • Hope in 8 (OC ReMix) by Lucas Guimaraes feat. Nathan Madsen, Damian Nguyen, TSori, DS, wolfman1405, Matheus Souza, Jake Kargl (Golden Sun)
  • Bubbles for Lunch (OC ReMix) by ilp0 (Bubble Bobble)
  • Prelude (Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse) by The OneUps – Volume 2
  • Open Your Mind (OC ReMix) by Bluelighter (Final Fantasy 7)
  • Bulls ‘N Beers (OC ReMix) by Guifrog (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)
  • Jamrock Dash (OC ReMix) by Makke (Boulder Dash)

Featured Artists This Hour:

The Runaway Four –

The OneUps –

Hour 2

  • For The Culture (Feat. Henny Flatz) by Bag Of Tricks Cat
  • Otaku Girl by Dr. Awkward
  • 12 The Long Lonely Journey by XoC – Compendium of Knowledge
  • Artist Anthem (Mag.Lo Remix) by LEX the Lexicon Artist – Raging Ego
  • Life I Lead (feat. MadHatter and ZeaLouS1) by Deafinition – Resurrection
  • One Winged Angel (remix) featuring Storyville by Mega Ran – Black Materia: The Remixes
  • Nunchucks (Prod. by Asis Galvin) by GR3YS0N – Gamers Interlude 2
  • Phenomenon by Royal-T, Daze & Big Bear
  • light of day (featuring Jesse Dangerously) by Mikal kHill – The Snuggle is REAL
  • Active Development by Ultraklystron – Abyss
  • Best I’ve Got by EyeQ – Live
  • Take You Higher ft. Geneva, Wordburglar, Chokeules & Sulfur Rift & Savilion – Grandpa Funnybook’s Mix-Tapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album 3!
  • Fanboys (feat. T.Y.T.) by attack slug – Achievement Unlocked
  • Unending Carnage by Shinobi MC – Super Shinobi Entertainment System
  • About Damn Time by Beefy – The Adventures of Beef Thompson: IN SPACE
  • Final Arcade by Ambush Vin – Chicago Pop Culture Con Mixtape
  • The Wizard of Meh by HomeBoy Advance – Classic TV
  • Succeed (feat. Andrew The Only) by Kadesh Flow – Motivated

Featured Artists This Hour:

Bag of Tricks Cat –

Dr. Awkward –

XoC –

LEX the Lexicon Artist –

Deafinition –

Mega Ran –

GR3YS0N (Frm NyteXing,Maverick da Roninn) –

Mikal kHill –

Ultraklystron –

EyeQ –

Attack Slug –

Shinobi MC –

Beefy –

Ambush Vin –

HomeBoy Advance –

Kadesh Flow –

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Ending tune by KeyJayHD –  Check out more of his stuff at!

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