Press Start to Continue DLC – Ep. 255: Black History Month Redux

(I recently injured my hand, so I wasn’t able to put together a new show for you guys, BUT i went back into the archives and pulled up a really great Black History Month show from a couple years ago! I got to talk to EyeQ, a great artist who was just premiering his triple album project Triple L: A tribute to Anita Baker. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and stay tuned in a couple weeks for (hopefully…) A BRAND NEW EP OF PRESS START! )

Happy Black History Month! we have some new music form OCReMix, a new track from Lex the Lexicon Artist, and the first in a series of interviews with black artists that will run throughout the month!

Tonight I have a great conversation with EyeQ! Check out his work and follow him on the socials! | | IG: @christallen | | EyeQ on Spotify

you can also listen to the full interview on the site:

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

Hour 1
  • Maverick Twilight (OC ReMix) by Leisurebeam (Mega Man X)
  • Buy or Bye (OC ReMix) by Nostalvania (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Terra: [Magitek Perfect] (OC ReMix) by OceansAndrew (Final Fantasy 6)
  • Maximum Contra Overdrive (OC ReMix) by Black Ace (Contra: Hard Corps)
  • Devotion to the Motif (OC ReMix) by APZX (Final Fantasy 4)
  • Big Boo Badman (OC ReMix) by meganeko (Super Mario World)
  • Portal Storm (OC ReMix) by Redg (Half-Life 2)
  • In a Thousand Years (OC ReMix) by Juan Medrano (Seiken Densetsu 3)
  • Fortuna (StarFox) by The OneUps – Volume 2
  • Beautiful Rise (OC ReMix) by RoeTaKa (NieR: Automata)
  • Melody of Lute by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV

Featured Artists This Hour:

The OneUps –

Guitar Collections: Final Fantasy IV –

Hour 2
  • Special (feat. None Like Joshua) [RoboRob Remix] by LEX the Lexicon Artist – Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP
  • Roll the Dice by Sinister Six – Invasion of the Mic Snatchers
  • First One’s Free by Dual Core – Zeroone
  • Retro Master by 2 Mello – Game Center CX EP
  • Reference Desk by Kabuto The Python – Ill Ron Hubbard
  • Ninja Girl by Mega Ran – Black Materia: The Remixes
  • I Remember It All (feat. EyeQ) by K-Murdock – Hero Muzik Vol. II
  • Titan Slayer by EyeQ – AoT Vol 1 – Walls of Maria
  • Angel (I Come In Peace) ft. Anton Corazza by EyeQ – Live

Featured Artists This Hour:

LEX the Lexicon Artist –

Sinister Six –

Dual Core –

2 Mello –

Kabuto the Python –

Mega Ran –

K‒Murdock –

EyeQ –

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