Press Start to Continue DLC (Ep 229): BHM 2020

This episode we have some great VGM, some NEW MUSIC from friend of the show Lex the Lexicon Artist, and also something really special – to celebrate Black History Month, I went through my old interviews with black artists and spliced together some great answers to the question “How has being black affected your music?” I always get such interesting responses! I hope you enjoy them.

The super cut is also available to listen to HERE!

The playlist is in order and marked as follows:

*Title by Artist – Album*

Hour 1
  • Tribal Warfare (OC ReMix) by Ubik (Adventure Island)
  • A Brief Winter Trek (OC ReMix) by C-Curt (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team)
  • Beyond Comprehension (OC ReMix) by McNoods (Secret of Mana)
  • Homecoming (OC ReMix) by Earth Kid feat. Seth Tallman (Final Fantasy 9)
  • A Wish… (Secret of Mana) by GENTLE LOVE – Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume I Remaster
  • Tranquil Homesteads (OC ReMix) by RebeccaETripp (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages)
  • Melody of Lute by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV
  • Spirit of the Night by The Travelers VGM – Heart of the Forest (Music from “Secret of Mana”)
  • Coding Angel (OC ReMix) by Jason Covenant (Skies of Arcadia)
  • Sexy Trunks (OC ReMix) by Neostorm (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)
  • Pegasus the Psycho (Armored Armadillo vs. The Skiver) by Txai – The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010
  • Bowser is Pissed (OC ReMix) by PriZm (Super Mario Bros)
Hour 2
  • Shaq Fu (Ft. Doug Funnie) by okumura
  • Mighty Morphing by Sammus – Infusion
  • Do The Roar! by Osiris Green, Mega Ran, Twill Distilled & LadyJ – TOKENS
  • Save The Neighborhood (prod. Snaxx) by SkyBlew – SkyBlew’s UNModern Life
  • Party Hop (Feat D&D Sluggers) [prod. Klopfenpop] by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  • Black History Month Interview Super Cut!
    •  Interviews with Kadesh Flow, KeyJay, EyeQ, Vadell Gabriel, Omega Sparx (Gamebreax), GR3S0N, and SWATS (Gamebreax)
    • Music Used:
      • The Goodness (Instrumental) by Mega Ran & K-Murdock – Forever Famicom DLC
      • Rap Instrumental by Ambush Vin – Chicago Pop Culture Con Mixtape
      • Ryako’s Groove (ft. DJ Chidow) by Vadell Gabriel – Lover’s Pain
      • Butouden (instrumental) by DJ Taiyouken – Destructive Forces
      • pure imagination by Rook1e x j’san. – Dream Easy Collective, Palettes

Nerdcore Radio Mix from Gamebreax!

Featured Artists:

The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010 –
Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV –
The Travelers VGM –
LEX the Lexicon Artist –
okumura –
Wreck the System –
Sammus –
Kadesh Flow –
KeyJay –,
Vadell Gabriel –
Gamebreax –
GR3S0N (Frm NyteXing,Maverick da Roninn) –

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The show end tag was performed and produced by Key Jay! Find more of his work at!

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