Press Start to Continue DLC – Ep 220

Its December! There’s snow on the ground and I am HYPE FOR IT. But also here’s some awesome music and stuff ENJOY!!

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

Hour 1
  • Acoustic Fields (OC ReMix) by Arceace (Spyro: Year of the Dragon)
  • Takeyabu Resort Promo Package, 1991 (OC ReMix) by Michael Hudak (Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Flicky’s Night Out (OC ReMix) by Rexy (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Peaperboayh (OC ReMix) by The Dead Guys (Paperboy)
  • Watermelon Flava (OC ReMix) by Joshua Morse, posu yan (Breath of Fire III)
  • Evolutionary Means (OC ReMix) by Russell Cox (E.V.O.)
  • Sign of Fortune (OC ReMix) by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA (Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • Tears for a Moonlit Knight (OC ReMix) by Israfel (Soul Blazer)
  • Cazador de Recompensas (OC ReMix) by The JohnStacy Orchestra (Metroid)
  • Snowy Caps (OC ReMix) by JD Harding (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
  • Justin Bailey (feat. SoftProxy) by Blood Code – Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5
  • Let’s Bust Some Viruses! (OC ReMix) by timaeus222 (Mega Man Battle Network)
  • Hardest Working Duck in Show Business [DuckTales] by The OneUps – Songs for the Recently Deceased
Hour 2
  • Prophet-5 by MrLegitimacy – Legit Damacy
  • my blood by ultraklystron – single day mixtape
  • Off In My Own World (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze and Icon the Mic King) by Mega Ran – TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³)
  • Safari Zone by shammers – Pallet 2 Plateau : A Pokemon Hip-Hop Album
  • Internet Marketing by Hairetsu – maps 2 eerf
  • Everybody Got Game by Super Smack (feat. Neku) – Neon Red
  • I’m’s A Wishin’ by Kordlyss – Very Christmas
  • Heavy Poverty by Yea Big – Yea Big Presents Static-er Than Horsepower
  • I’m Me by Ohm-I
  • Get Away from Here (Robocop) by ECOMOG – 808s & ECOMOG

Nerdcore Radio Mix from Gamebreax!

Featured Artists:

The OneUps –

Chiptunes = WIN –


Yea Big + Kid Static –

Ohm-I –

Super Smack –

Hairetsu –

Shammers –

Kordlyss –

Mega Ran –

Ultraklystron –

MrLegitimacy –

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