Press Start Reviews: Upfronts Trailers 2018

There are a few media/corporate conferences I look forward to every year… Apple’s WWDC and E3 to name a couple. Another is the Upfronts. As most of you know, E3 is primarily the video game industry’s way of showing off all of its great upcoming products for the next year… to reporters and other game developers. At its core, its a trade show that the rest of us can visit too. The Upfronts are basically the same thing, but for television. Every channel hauls as many ad agencies as it can into an evening of celebrity guests and trailers, trying to convince them all where they should run commercials in the 2018-2019 season.

Last year there were some really great contenders: Instinct, For the People, and The Resident have become favorites of mine. Some haven’t been so lucky; The Mayor and The Crossing haven’t been renewed.

So whats all this to do with whatever? After they try to woo the ad people, they release the trailers to the public so we can all get hype for the coming season! Usually! And sometimes we get crap like Macguyver and have to drink to forget it even existed.


I hate you for not being at least watchable.

There have been twenty-four trailers released between NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and SYFY, and I’m gonna review them all. Why? Because its there that’s why. Also I’m a TV junkie and I’d be doing this on my own either way. SO! I’ll be splitting these reviews up by channel. Click the links to read each one:

Upfronts 2018 – NBC

Upfronts 2018 – ABC

Upfronts 2018 – CBS

Upfronts 2018 – FOX

Upfronts 2018 – Other

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