Press Start to Continue DLC, 11/14/16

Its the Fund Drive for Valley Free Radio!!! Help us out by donating whatever you can… if you contribute between nov 11th-20th we’ll get an additional $10 just becuase you helped us out! PER PERSON!!! WOW AMIRITE? and if you donate more than $15, you can get one of the awesome games listed here.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can give… with out VFR there wouldn’t be any Press Start to Continue, and who would want that?

On to the playlist!

  • A Long Way Home (OC ReMix) by nokbient (Yoshi’s Island)
  • Cataclysm (OC ReMix) by Emunator (Chrono Trigger)
  • The Torment of a Twili (OC ReMix) by Sentient Pulse (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
  • Tag Team (OC ReMix) by Jivemaster, Sir_NutS (Double Dragon III)
  • Unworldly Invasion (OC ReMix) by Majeles (Advance Wars)
  • Battle Against a Malignant & Repugnant Opponent (OC ReMix) by nelward (EarthBound)
  • Dance of the Kokiri (OC ReMix) by Chris | Amaterasu, Doc Nano (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Turkish Coffee (OC ReMix) by Gabe Terracciano, Shnabubula (Spelunky)
  • Não Está Sozinho (OC ReMix) by Tomo Club (Final Fantasy 9)
  • Aqua Wave (OC ReMix) by Paul Hadame (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Misty Night (OC ReMix) by Faseeh (Sonic Colors)
  • Stasis by D&D Sluggers – HOT BANANA
  • Soothing Rain (OC ReMix) by Amphibious (Animal Crossing)
  • Island Hospitality (OC ReMix) by OverClocked University (StarTropics)
  • challenge your audience (featuring MC Frontalot & More or Les) by Mikal kHill – The Snuggle is REAL
  • Great Fairy Fountain (feat. Lucio Baldomero, Anton Corazza) by Materia – New Game+
  • Cannon Freestyle by Myster Wilson – Half an Hour Lunch Break Mixtape
  • Do The Roar! by Osiris Green, Mega Ran, Twill Distilled & LadyJ – TOKENS
  • The One (ft. Tribe One) by Dual Core – All The Things
  • Hurdles and Turtles in Time (Ft Alpha Riff and PTP) by 1-UP – Super Nerdcore Entertainment System
  • There! Are! Four! Lights! (featuring Adam Selene) by rap legend Jesse Dangerously – There! Are! Four! Lights!
  • Why We Can’t Be Friends by Tribe One – Crisis On Intimate Earths

Featured Artists:

Dual Core –
Mikal kHill –
Osiris Green –
Tribe One –
Twill.Distilled –
Myster Wilson –
Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously –
Overclocked Records –
D&D Sluggers – 
1-Up –

All songs marked “OCReMix” can be found at OverClocked ReMix ( – please show them some support! Download, donate, tell your friends!

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