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The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

Opening song: Ryu Interpretation (OC ReMix) by Malcos (Street Fighter 2)

  • Celestial Winds from the East (OC ReMix) by McVaffe (Ōkami)
  • A ‘Kid-pella (OC ReMix) by Andrew McLaren, David Lane, Dorothy Hayden, Ryan Billington, Square Law (Bastion)
  • Black Magic Synthesis (OC ReMix) by Danny Baranowsky (Final Fantasy 9)
  • Intoxica (Pokey Pipes) Radiowar Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble! (OC ReMix)
  • City Corner Lullaby (OC ReMix) by Jennerstein (Final Fantasy 6)
  • Cancer (OC ReMix) by Redg (Metroid)
  • Cloud Garden (OC ReMix) by Dweezil Zappa, Tommy Tallarico (Pac-Man)
  • Infernal (OC ReMix) by Brandon Strader (Pokémon Red Version)
  • Horteka Stomp (OC ReMix) by Asterin (Skies of Arcadia)
  • Roads to Everywhere (File Select) by ArgleSuper Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber (OC ReMix)
  • Luca Blight (Suikoden II) – To Slay a Butcher by ArcanaBadAss: Boss Themes (OC ReMix)
  • Satanic Spire (OC ReMix) by Gario (Castlevania: Bloodlines)
  • Da Phunky Forest (OC ReMix) by Adhesive Boy (Super Mario World)
  • Helix Nebula by AnamanaguchiLive at WFMU
  • Megalo Kid March (OC ReMix) by Nixdorux (Kid Icarus)
  • Me and The Mouse (feat. MC Lars) by Mega Ran Language Arts
  • Splash Waltz [Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage)] by Corran – Mega Man 9: Back in Blue
  • Luke, a True Gentleman Prefers a Touch of Light Jazz (OC ReMix) by ProtoDome (Professor Layton and the Curious Village)
  • Zenpyo! (OC ReMix) by Dj Mokram, DusK (Dynamite Headdy)
  • Did a Hedgehog Just Come Through Here? (OC ReMix) by Argle, Skolar (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • (You Give Me) Wings (OC ReMix) by Ivan Hakštok (Xenogears)
  • On the Origin of Species (Evolution) by ProtoDomePokémon: The Missingno Tracks
  • Spoiler Alert by MC FrontalotZero Day
  • Eternal Abyss (OC ReMix) by GrayLightning (Ecco the Dolphin)
  • Alien Territory (SolarStriker – Stage 4: Death Valley) by MalcosLegacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary (OC ReMix)
  • Nova Siberia (OC ReMix) by Big Giant Circles (Mass Effect)
  • Minecraft Theme – Minecraft by The String ArcadeThe String Arcade
  • A Breeze in the Night (OC ReMix) by Blue Magic (Shenmue)
  • Save Point Ambience by HyperDuck SoundWorksDust: An Elysian Tail – Original Soundtrack
Ending Song: Heavy Mario (OC ReMix) by Heavy Mario (Super Mario Bros)

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