Press Start to Continue DLC, 10/8/18

Tonight I’m able to air my interview with Jayson Napolitano owner of Scarlet Moon Productions, and William Carlos Reyes, a fantastic guitarist and member of The OneUps. They’ve produced a beautiful album called Guitar Collections: Final Fantasy IV… if you love classical guitar and game music, you definitely should check it out:

And of course in the second hour we have some awesome nerdcore! Enjoy!

(Don’t forget if you want to hear the FULL UNCUT interview, go to!)

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • Heroes Fall (OC ReMix) by housethegrate (Zelda: Adventure of Link)
  • Far Away Memories (OC ReMix) by Neil Benjamin (Chrono Trigger)
  • Splash Waltz [Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage)] by Corran – Mega Man 9: Back in Blue (OC ReMix)
  • Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV
  • Town Medley (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) by William Reyes – The OneUps – Volume 1
  • Fight 2 by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV
  • Another Moon by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV
  • The Crystals (Original) by William Carlos Reyes – Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV
  • Star Power ft. Monsoon by Mark Cooper – I Am Player One
  • Ahsoka Tano by Ambush Vin – The Last Sith (Fandomtape DLC #2)
  • Eyes On Your Own Paper (feat. J-Live) [prod. by DIBIA$E] by Mega Ran – Extra Credit
  • King of Swing (ft. Coco Rose) by Vadell Gabriel
  • Joe Budden Sings The Hits (Ganja To Blow) by Foxarocious
  • Go Straight by BadguyEX – Monster Manual
  • Artist Anthem (Prod Klopfenpop) by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  • Heroes Saga: Origins (Prod. by Gage) by NyteXing (aka Maverick Da Roninn) – Gamers Interlude 2
  • The King by ZeaLouS1 – The Living Epitaph
  • Obey The Moderator by Optimus Rhyme – Rhyme Torrents Volume II
  • We Made it Freestyle by Redd Hood (aka Myster Wilson) – Half an Hour Lunch Break Mixtape
  • Overachievers (The Last Wordbenders) by Philonius – Phunk PhunkoLand
  • Lemme Know by Navi – Lo Fi Muey Thai
  • Alchemist Hataz (FMA Brotherhood) by Kadesh Flow – #NerdCrunk vol. 1

Featured Artists:

William Carlos Reyes –

Jayson Napolitano –

Mark Cooper –

Kadesh Flow –

Philonius Phunk –

The Last Wordbenders –

Zealous1 –

Redd Hood (frm Mr Wilson) –

NyteXing (Frm Maverick da Ronnin) –

Navi –

Optimus Rhyme –

Vadell Gabriel –

BadGuyEX –

Ambush Vin –

Foxarocious –

LEX the Lexicon Artist –

All songs marked “OCReMix” can be found at OverClocked ReMix ( – please show them some support! Download, donate, tell your friends!

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