Press Start to Continue, 11/18/13

Tonight we had Archie of Popular Geekery to talk about games, Lets Play videos, and random comics! You can find the Popular Geekery crew on Youtube and Twitter!

Here’s the tracks played from tonight’s show.

The list is marked as follows:
*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • Nayru’s Love (OC ReMix) by Dhsu, GrayLightning (Zelda: Oracle of Ages)
  • Da Phunky Forest (OC ReMix) by Adhesive Boy (Super Mario World)
  • Zebes Sunrise (Super Metroid) Po! & Mustin More Than Mario
  • Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. (Getting treasure)by Team Teamwork – The Ocarina of Rhyme
  • Hot Ice (OC ReMix) by DarkeSword (Sonic 3)
  • The Sin War (OC ReMix) by Daknit, Bard of Tarot (Diablo)
  • Mario Likes Thorazine (OC ReMix) by Shnabubula (Super Mario Bros)
  • I’ll Form The Head (feat. Dr Awkward, ZeaLouS1) by MC Frontalot – Solved
  • Labyrinth Zone (OC ReMix) by Mute Witness (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Thirty-Plus Mix (OC ReMix) by R3FORGED (Tetris)
  • Contract Cleaner (OC ReMix) by Sonicade (Hitman: Codename 47)
  • Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) (OC ReMix) by Cerrax – Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks
  • Those Chosen By The Medly (OC ReMix) by Trace Dragon XVI K (Final Fantasy 1)
  • Booties for Breakfast by mc chris – Dungeon Master of Ceremonies
  • Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi – Power Supply
  • Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV) by Sixto Sounds – BadAss: Boss Themes
  • Bubble Man by Minibosses (Mega Man 2)
  • Big Blue by NESkimos (F-Zero)
  • The Last Airbender by Adam WarRock – Sozin’s Comet

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Artists need to eat too!

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