Press Start to Continue Expansion Pack: Nerdcore 4 Lyfe (10/6/14)

Two hours of Nerdcore hip hop! and a mistake – Torrentz is a GROUP, they are a part of a collection called Nerdcore International, and they are on the Scrub Club label. My Bad!

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 1 – Game Set (Super Smash Bros. series) by OverClocked AssembledApex 2014: A New Challenger!! (OC ReMix)
  • Infinity Gems by Adam WarRock
  • Bubbleman by RandomMega Ran
  • Spittin’ Narcissism (Vega Stage) by José the Bronx RicanBlood on the Asphalt: A Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo ReMix (OC ReMix)
  • Gotham is… by Dr. AwkwardNew 52
  • Ninja Vanish (feat. Viet Vu, HDninja, Milk-Plus, and Fatback Supreme) by TorrentzNerdcore International
  • Fett’s Vett by mc chrisLife’s A Bitch And I’m Her Pimp
  • Dugdig by ytcrackerNerdcore Entertainment System
  • 8-Bit Blisters (feat. Tonik) by 8-Bit Boys8-Bit Diagrams
  • Coder Girl (Says Relax Remix) by Dale Chase Love++
  • Drink Ale Everyday by SulfurOdin’s Son
  • I’ll Form The Head (feat. Dr Awkward, ZeaLouS1) by MC FrontalotSolved
  • Cookin’ with Fire (OC ReMix) by Navi (PaRappa the Rapper)
  • DBR (clean) Optimus Rhyme
  • Memories Frozen in Time (OC ReMix) by DCT, Just Us (Sonic 3)
  • Hawkguy by Adam WarRockMarvel NOW! Mixtape EP
  • Clipse – Virginia (Lost Woods) by Team TeamworkThe Ocarina of Rhyme
  • Lone Wanderer (OG) by SulfurSrsface: Volume 1
  • The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe From A to Z by Tribe One
  • spirit of law (OC ReMix) by Detective Tuesday, melody (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
  • Flashman by RandomMega Ran
  • Hijack by mc chrisKnowing is Half the Hassle
  • Godbomb by Adam WarRockMarvel NOW! Mixtape EP
  • It Is Pitch Dark by MC FrontalotSecrets From The Future
  • Beta Ray Ill by SulfurOdin’s Son
  • It’s Alright (prod by Samik) by Mega RanTeacherRapperHero: the Random Mixtape vol.1
  • underground sewer by ytcracker – chrono nurga vol. 1
  • Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 2 – Sudden Death (Super Smash Bros. series) by OverClocked – Assembled Apex 2014: A New Challenger!! (OC ReMix)

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